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Our door barricade is designed to protect you and your loved ones from intruders.  While residential alarm monitoring companies may call you to let you know that someone has broken into your home, our door barricade prevents them from getting in altogether.  

We created this device for our own peace of mind.  Click here to read our story.

The barricade is assembled before shipping.  When it arrives, you simply:

  1. Hang it on your door like a wreath.
  2. Slide a retainer across the bottom of the door and attach it to the barricade with the provided screws.
  3. Mount the barricade latches to the door frame (not the trim) with the attached lag screws.

These barricades can fit on any conventional door in your home.  Use them on exterior doors, or turn your bedroom, bathroom or closet into an instant safe room.  The most important thing is to place the barricade in a location where you can activate it before an intruder gets to you.

These were designed primarily to secure your home or bedroom when you are sleeping, showering or anytime you are most vulnerable.  We have all seen news reports of burglaries or home invasions during the day when young mothers are home with their children.  We hear about things that happen in the middle of the night under the cloak of darkness. 

As a law enforcement officer that responded to these types of calls, I want to help prevent as many bad things as possible from happening to people.  Time and time again, I heard that it happened so quickly the victim didn't have time to respond.  The barricades will give you the time you need to call 911 and get into a position of advantage while you wait for the police to arrive.

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