Below are some of the questions that have been asked.

Won't they just climb through a window?

They may try to come through a window, but you’ll have plenty of time to react.  After they kick the door a few times and realize they can’t kick it in, they’ll most likely leave because they no longer have the element of surprise.  If you use the barricade in your bedroom, they’ll likely have to go outside to find a window.  Either way, you’ll have time to call 911.

Is the barricade only as strong as the door trim?

The barricade latches are anchored into the door frame (2x4 studs on each side of the door) with lag screws.  They’re not coming out from someone kicking the door.

What if I do not want to install it on my front or back door because it is not aesthetically pleasing?

The devices can also be installed in bedrooms, bathrooms or closets.  The important thing is to install it where you can secure yourselves quickly. 

Is it difficult to install?

The barricades are assembled before they are shipped.  They hang from the door like a wreath.  Simply slide a retention plate under the door and secure it in place with screws.  Then mount the barricade latches to the door frame.  Simple project for any Do-it-Yourselfer.

Can police and fire fighters get through the door?

Absolutely.  SWAT teams are trained and equipped to defeat door barricades quickly.  Fire fighters carry equipment that cut through cars.  They will make quick work of any door barricade.